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Heart of the Ocean Necklace

The Heart of the Ocean necklace was a sensation when the film Titanic was released in 1997. The jewel of the Titanic is a blue diamond that has become, in spite of itself, the centerpiece of a moving love story!

The highlights of our Heart of the Ocean Jewel:

💎 The magnificent pendant of this Titanic Necklace is sublimated by a genuine Swarovski® Crystal which replaces the expensive sapphire that was present on the jewel of the film.

💎 The Heart of the Ocean Titanic necklace has a size of 3.2 cm by 4.2 cm. It is an almost identical reproduction in terms of size compared to the jewel of the film. It is thus an imposing blue diamond!

💎 The chain of this necklace measures 54 cm and thus allows you to position this magnificent heart pendant in the best possible way, whatever your morphology.

💎 The necklace as well as the pendant are made of rhodium-plated alloy. This jewel is thus plated with Rhodium, a metal even more precious than gold, which guarantees you a brilliant shine that is also found on white gold jewelry.

💎Have you always dreamed of wearing the Titanic necklace with its sapphire heart? Treat yourself or have someone else treat you to this priceless piece of jewelry with an inestimable sentimental value: The Heart of the Ocean Necklace.

Be overwhelmed by the emotions of the film Titanic by wearing the Heart of the Ocean Necklace around your neck. It will surely illuminate your face with magnificent ocean blue reflections!

Replica Heart of the Ocean Necklace