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The Hope Diamond

Heart of the Ocean Diamond

The Heart of the Ocean Necklace is a jewel that became legendary with the broadcast of the big budget movie Titanic! Many people believe that the Hope diamond also known as Bleu de France is the origin of the Heart of the Ocean. 

It is true that both jewels highlight a superb blue stone but the comparison stops here! The Hope was a real blue diamond with a weight of more than 45 carats which has been bought by the king of France Louis XIV!

Real Heart of the Ocean

The necklace that was the source of inspiration for the movie was in fact a sapphire surrounded by luminous diamonds. It has been offered to a young English saleswoman named Kate Florence Phillips.

She was leaving England with her lover Henry Samuel Morley to start a new life in San Francisco. The shipwreck of the Titanic prevented their beautiful projects from succeeding since Henry drowned in the deep waters of the ocean...

Heart of the Ocean Replica

The Heart of the Ocean Replica

There are many replicas of the Heart of the Ocean jewel, from cheap variants with a simple piece of blue glass to luxury creations with a Swarovski® Crystal or even a real sapphire and diamonds.

However, the jewel that we saw on Kate Winslet's neck during the movie Titanic was a colored Zirconium. After the success of the film, Asprey & Garrard was asked to make an authentic version of this jewel.

Heart of the Ocean & Celine Dion

The beautifully crafted necklace features a Ceylon sapphire surrounded by nearly 103 sparkling diamonds. Celine Dion was the first person to wear this creation at the 1998 Oscars ceremony.

She interpreted the song from the movie, "My Heart Will Go On", wearing this beautiful jewel around her neck! This song illustrates the passionate love story between Jack, a poor artist and Rose, a rich woman.